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Frequently Asked Questions
What do I do if I forget my nickserv or chanserv passwords? 18/12/2006
Which user modes are available on irctoo? And what do they all mean? 22/12/2006
Which channel modes are available on irctoo? And what do they all mean? 22/12/2006
I've been banned from a channel. How do I get back in? 22/12/2006
How can I contact the opers? 22/12/2006
How can I become a helper? 22/12/2006
Can I have a bot? What is it allowed to do? 22/12/2006
What is a 'kill'? 22/12/2006
What is SSL support? 22/12/2006
I've tried to register my nick but I haven't received the auth email! 22/12/2006
What is an IRCd? Which does IRCtoo use? 22/12/2006
Where can I get mirc scripting help? 22/12/2006
How do I get rid of those annoying colors people are using in the channels? 22/12/2006
How do I set a channel ban? What is a mask? 22/12/2006
IRC basics
How do I register my nick? 17/05/2006
How can I start my own channel? 23/12/2006
What do I do if I misspelled my e-mail address when I registered? 23/12/2006
What are 'services'? 23/12/2006
What is Nickserv? 19/03/2006
What is Chanserv? 23/12/2006
What is Memoserv? 19/03/2006
What is an IRC server? 19/03/2006
What is 'whois'? 23/12/2006
mIRC commands to help you get going 23/12/2006
What is 'identify?' 23/12/2006
What is IRC? 07/05/2006
What is IRCtoo? 07/05/2006
How do I chat on IRCtoo? 23/12/2006
Is it free? 07/05/2006
Who is in charge? 23/12/2006
Are there any rules? 23/12/2006
How can I help? 23/12/2006
Do you allow bots? 23/12/2006
How to I join and leave channels? 26/05/2006
How do I get a list of all the channels? 26/05/2006
What is a 'Channel'? 26/05/2006
I need help! where can I get it? 27/11/2006
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