PLEASE NOTE: Spamserv has been replaced on IRCtoo by Spamfilter, an IRCd plugin, and we no longer provide support for Spamserv. However, you are welcome to use this page and download Spamserv at your peril!


SpamServ is an IRC service designed for fighting spam. It currently only supports Bahamut ircd. SpamServ was designed to kill the spam problem on IRCtoo. The plan was most successful and SpamServ has drastically decreased the number of spammers on our network. The current SpamServ is a rewrite of the original one, which honestly sucked (code-wise). The new one is a lot better.

SpamServ allows IRC operators to add so called spam strings. These strings are basically strings with basic wildcard (? and *) support. For example /msg spamserv spam add -kill just double click on it >>> * will kill clients that send a string matching "just double click on it >>> *"

Users invite SpamServ bot to their channel by sending a normal invite to SpamServ (or an another bot) and the bot joins their channel, monitoring it for spam. Messages sent directly to the bots and to the monitored channels are then analyzed by SpamServ.

SpamServ lets operators define various levels of actions. These actions are report (SpamServ sends a message to report channel informing about a probable spammer), kill (kill the offender) and autokill (SpamServ autokills the user). Channel monitoring option needs to be explicitely set when adding a spam string because extra care is necessary when dealing with channel messages.

Currently, all (services) registered users (+r) are exempted from these checks to protect innocent users. We have yet to see a massive influx of registered spambots, since email authorization is required. Reports from channels only show operators the matching pattern, not the actual message. It is a precaution to protect user's privacy in channels.

If your network uses and likes SpamServ, please let us know. We could list user networks some day.


  • Make sure no one is ever collided
  • Finish cycle checks (dev branch)
  • Allow adding the received spam to the kill message


SpamServ requires gcc, MySQL client libraries and Glib (please note that Glib is not an X library, but a general purpose programming lib).

  • Testing version (2.0): spamserv-2.0.tar.gz This should be a fairly stable release (we have had it in use on a production network for a while already with no real problems) but this comes with absolutely no warranty.

Subversion repository: (svn co

The current SVN repository includes several features which do not exist in 2.0, most importantly cycle checks. I'll document them a little bit once we release 2.1.

Note: Even the stable version of SpamServ is work in progress and still missing few features. You can send patches and suggestions to six[AT]

  • Minimize the possibility of a false positive, prefer protecting legal users over making guesses.
  • Don't annoy users. Don't go to their channels unless they're ok with it. Don't do cycling unless requested.
  • Protect privacy, don't show opers things they shouldn't see.
  • Stay compatible with Bahamut, do not assume or require any particular services package

Btw, if you want to add support for another ircds, just send us patches. If the patch doesn't add "real multi ircd support" but just changes things, we'll put the patch up here.

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